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Benefits of Allopathic Medicine

When we say health, disease, or ailment, For such chronic ailments, the Allopathic system of medicine has not proven to be too good. Allopathy can only manage the disease. It can never really uproot the disease because essentially, it is about symptomatic treatment. For most of the ailments that are chronic in nature, symptoms are like the proverbial tip of the iceberg. We are only treating the tip all the time. In fact, today it is an established form of treatment if you get diabetes, hypertension, or asthma, doctors are talking to you about how to manage the ailment. They are never talking to you about how to get rid of it. But the manifestation of the disease in the form of a symptom is very minor. What is happening is at a much deeper level, which cannot be treated with external medicine. If you are really in a state of emergency, going to an Ayurvedic doctor is not the best thing to do. You go to him only when you have time to recover. In an emergency, Allopathy has better systems than any other. But when your problems are mild and you know they are evolving, Ayurveda and other systems are very effective means of treatment.

Benefits of Ayurveda

So what is so different about the medicines of an indigenous kind, which largely get labeled as Ayurveda? Ayurveda comes from a different dimension and understanding of life. A fundamental part of the Ayurvedic system is about an understanding that our bodies are an accumulation of what we gathered from the planet. The nature of the planet and of the Pancha Bhutas or the five elements that make the planet are very much manifest in this physical body. If you want to handle this body in the most effective and productive way, it is very important that everything you do about this body has a relationship with the planet.

Ayurveda is more disease-oriented, whereas Siddha is more health-oriented.

Ayurveda says that every root, every leaf, every tree bark found on this planet has medicinal value. We have learnt how to use only a few. The rest of them, we are yet to learn how to use. What this statement is trying to convey is, health is not something that falls upon you from the sky. Health is something that has to grow from within you, because the body is something that grows from within you. The input comes from the earth but it grows from within you. So, if you have a repair job to do, the best place to go is to the manufacturer, not to the local mechanic. This is the essence of Ayurveda.

In Ayurveda, we understand that if we go deep enough into the body, this body is not an integrated thing, it is a continuous process which involves the earth upon which you walk. If this relationship does not come through, these subtle systems of medicine which work from within, will fail to work. Without taking care of the whole system, just trying to do one aspect of it may not be very fruitful.

A holistic system does not mean just treating the body as a whole. A holistic system means treating life as a whole, which includes the planet, what we eat, what we breathe, what we drink – all of that. Without attending to all those things, the true benefit of Ayurveda will not be seen. If Ayurveda becomes a living reality in our lives and our societies, people can live like gods.

Benefits of Siddha

Siddha or Siddhavaidya is unique to Southern India, fundamentally Tamil Nadu. This dimension of medicine was opened up by Agastya Muni. They say Adiyogi himself practiced it and Agastya brought it to the south. He created a very potent combination, some fantastic usage of material. It is unbelievable how Siddha works. In the Siddha system of medicine, the sages, realized beings and the Siddha doctors were not different. Always, the sages practiced a certain amount of medicine because human health is an essential part of going ahead.

Siddha vaidya cannot happen without sadhana.

Siddha is very different from Ayurveda and I would say it is much closer to the body’s energy system than Ayurveda is. Ayurveda is more disease-oriented, whereas Siddha is more health-oriented and simply about rejuvenation. So the variety of what is available in Siddha may not be as wide a range as in Ayurveda, because Ayurveda enters every disease. Siddha doesn’t enter the treatment of every disease. It is mainly about strengthening the inner sources of the body and activating the body in a certain way.

Siddha is very different in the sense, though there are herbs, it is essentially elemental in nature. It comes more from the yogic science because the fundamental of yogic science is in Bhuta Shuddhi or in the cleansing of one’s elements. This is an evolution from the yogic science. Since it is elemental, you are dealing with the fundamental material which makes the body. You are not trying to infuse some other medicine into it. So it is not really a medicine as such.

Because of this, it needs less study but more internal mastery for the person who practices it, which is again a problem today. Siddha vaidya cannot happen without sadhana. Today they have set up colleges for siddha vaidya, but it will not work like that. “Siddha” means an established one or one who is firmly established within himself. At Isha, we have access to certain Siddha systems that are not normally available with other doctors who practice Siddha.

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125 years ago doctor Thiru.A.Visha Vaithiyar Subramoni  had been doing Tamil Medicine of Siddha medical service during the period of king. He had dedicated his life to siddha that is while he was called “rajavaithiyer”(King of medications) . After his death his son Thiru. K.Ravikumaran had been doing full time siddha medical service to poor people .He followed his father’s method of service which inscribed in palm leaf, that is kattu, kalangu and others. Moreover, he had cured UN curable diseases by very rare medicine. Which are unknowns to others. Now Dr.Harendra the student of above said both "vaithiyas" and the devotee of Lord Shiva and Hari took this medications in fingertips..
Siddha is Father of these medication concepts Ayurveda below 5000 years, Unani 300 years, etc found earlier 5000 BC years. Indiant traditional Medicine followed in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry (including Karaikkal), parts of Andhra Pradesh (Chittoor and Nellore districts), Karnataka (Bangalore, Kolar), Kerala (Palakkad and Idukki districts), Andaman and Nicobar, Hongkong, China, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Cambodia, Thailand, Mauritius, Seychelles, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Canada, USA, UK, UAE, Myanmar and Réunion.

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Since year 1992 into Traditional Medical Practice and Qualified for Siddha, Ayurveda and Varmani treatments & Massage. Grandparents are the traditional Marma guru, We are skilled with Indian Medicine research. Grandparents given successful medical treatments and succeeded with therapies by logical tricks. Experienced with Travancore King (Maharaja), The Warrior Veluthambi thalavai, The King Pandian, and more other Kings and their Bishops, Also for many British and Portuguese peoples got treatment and Education from us.

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    Earlier years 900 B.C Indian traditional medicines has natural tools to open the skin or seperate the bones and stich the skins with the help of Ants, Scorpio, etc, Siddhars Open the skull of the head to remove the cough, insects and frogs etc from the brain guage which gone through Ear, Nose, join the bones with wooden flakes and banana trees threads, etc herbs and shrubs, our own figures is used as pin or button points to activate or deactivate the heart and blood functions of the human body, etc. Indian traditional medicine practice never make side effect or reactions.

    Why and how the Indian medicine get treated to patients. Every human nature or natures whichever attached with the human life are treated as friendly and as family. Praised and lovable with the prayers, with the help of goddesses, handle the patient as our own child or our own eyes. Very caring and loving without seeking anything from the patient. Troubled with illness even mentally or physically.


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